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Ashly Blanc

Ashly Blanc

Digital Marketing Strategist

Ashly Blanc is a digital strategist with over 6 years of experience in the progressive space helping candidates and organizations understand the impact of the internet. Ashly has served as the Director of Partnerships at Taskforce where she focused on the impact organic social has on mobilizing the electorate. Prior to that, Ashly served as Senator Cory Booker’s Digital Director in Iowa where she oversaw all aspects of Booker’s Iowa online presence from peer-to-peer messaging to Instagram Live. Ashly has served as a digital strategist for the Colorado House Majority Project, the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, and other progressive campaigns. Ashly is proudly from Pueblo, Colorado and firmly believes her grandma’s green chile recipe should be housed at the Smithsonian. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado and enjoys bragging about being from Colorado and not knowing how to ski.

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