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David Martinez

David Martinez

Social Media Strategist

David is a Social Media Strategist with over 10 years of experience in helping B2B and B2C organizations leverage social platforms to meet their overall business goals and objectives.

David specializes in community and support, advocating for the individual whose voice can be so easily heard via social engagements, bringing their needs to the surface to help inform and evolve business practices and executions. Over the years David has had the opportunity to evolve his role in social media, eventually managing content creation and strategy along with paid campaign efforts for a number of brands and organizations.

David tries to bring honesty, empathy and a bit of fun to every role he takes on, which is often beneficial while scrolling through Facebook and Twitter every day. It’s important to find light, relevance, and even unearth learnings in what can sometimes feel like a heavy medium.

A Bay Area native and Berkeley graduate with a penchant for sarcasm and wit, David loves music and going to shows - even a little hole-in-the wall karaoke bar will suffice. Or, on the other side of things, a weekend barbecue with his 6 siblings, mom, niece and nephews can be just as nice.

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