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My First Baby

Emily Maternity Photo

Greater Good Strategy has always been my first baby.

When I first launched our agency in 2018, I had no idea we’d grow to almost 40 consultants strong in under two years. I am beyond proud of what we’ve created, the remarkable impact our clients make in the world on a daily basis, and the delightful team of smart and creative strategists who have joined the Greater Good family.

Today, I’m writing with a personal update about my second baby (to clarify: my first human baby). My partner and I are expecting a new little person, arriving earthside in a few weeks. I’m taking a step back from my day to day responsibilities at work to prepare to become a parent. I’ll likely be on parental leave for the next few months, but my exact return date is still TBD.

While I am away, the agency will be in excellent hands (I’ve joked that it will run even more smoothly without me forcing everyone to share foods they hate, but wish they loved at the beginning of team meetings). Greater Good will continue to host webinars, launch websites, strategize with clients, produce social media content, conduct digital audits and most importantly, collaborate with non-profits and good for the world businesses.

Everyone on our team is ready to assist you with questions or possible projects. The two specific points of contact to keep in mind are:

Shannon Powers, Managing Director
Shannon is the perfect point of contact for any existing clients. If you’ve worked with us before or are working with us now, please get in touch with Shannon.

Jennifer Keller Jackson, Director of Client Engagement
Jennifer is new to our team and so fabulous. If you’re interested in working with Greater Good but haven’t collaborated with us before, Jennifer is the best person to contact.

But really, no matter who you get in touch with from our team, I promise they’ll be excited to chat further.

And because I can’t help myself, here’s a recent maternity photo.

Keep your eyes on the GGS social feeds for baby photos when our tiniest consultant makes her grand debut.


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Emily Goodstein
Founder + CEO
Greater Good Strategy

Photo by Carly Romeo.

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