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Going from Good to Greater

Emily in NYC

You know that thing when you’re thinking about something for months and then it happens and it’s both terrifying and amazing all at once? Well, that’s where I am. And that’s why you’re here. I’m launching Greater Good Strategy! (Thanks for visiting our new website, by the way.)

I’ve been consulting mostly on my own for over five years. I’ve worked on fundraising and marketing strategies with truly inspiring clients, I’ve learned so much about myself and the world, and I’m most especially proud of the work I’ve produced. That work has also led me to other women who are consulting on their own, having similar challenges and successes, and with whom I’ve done some of my best brainstorming. I have called on them more times than I can count for ideas and recommendations, to ask questions, and sometimes just to lend an ear.

I was inspired to develop a collaborative consulting model that allows us to identify expertise, pull in the right people for the project, create process efficiencies, and most importantly, produce more effective work for our clients. I believe in collaboration. I believe that two (or sometimes three or four) minds are greater than one. And I believe that will lead to results.

Our goal at Greater Good Strategy is to meet organizations where they are and provide exactly what they need at the right time. That’s why we’ve packaged our services into six options (read more about them here). We can be the digital team of your dreams–providing strategy and implementation support, the smart jumpstart you need to get your team going, or a boost of inspiration when you need it.

Maybe, like me, you’ve been thinking about something for months–something that will help your organization grow, find new audiences, create change, serve people. We can help you do that.

Let’s get to work… and go from good to greater.



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