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Times Have Changed

Times have changed. Here are three ways GGS can help.

Greater Good Strategy was born out of our drive to help non-profits and other mission-driven organizations do good. It’s baked right into our name! So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we weren’t about to sit on the sidelines. We marshalled the team and jumped right into action.

How can we help? We’re glad you asked.

Reboot your strategy

If you’re looking for a strategy reboot…

You can get our brain trust to focus on your plans. No one could have predicted the enormity of what we’ve experienced over the past six weeks, and we’re still just getting started. Even once the health challenges of coronavirus are behind us, we will continue to grapple with the changes it wrought. Whether your much-anticipated in-person gathering is moving online, or your big fundraising campaign plans now feel off the mark, we can help you get back on track for success.

Our strategy reboot is an intensive 5-week engagement that examines your organization’s immediate needs, year-end goals, and existing plans, and then helps you build a new and improved strategy for right now and the months ahead.

“You steadied us in the midst of uncertainty and change. Your contributions are measurable and will be long-lasting. I marvel at the ease with which you worked to edit, amplify and unify our messages and clarify our short and long-term strategic goals.” -Wendy Goldberg, The Tri-Faith Initiative

Learn more about the strategy reboot

Stratety Boost

If you’re looking for some quick strategy help…

You can put us on speed dial. Just like that friend who actively listens, asks the right questions, and helps you problem-solve your biggest challenges, we’re now just a phone call away. We’ve opened up a limited number of one-hour coaching sessions. Just a book a time, answer the questions we send, and we’ll come to our session ready to apply our knowledge, experience, and creativity in to whatever your organization is thinking about right now. Go on, ask us anything!

Book an hour


If you’re looking for free resources…

You can peruse our entire library. We held four information-packed webinars covering the topics we know organizational leaders are looking for as we all transition into this new reality of online audience engagement:

  • Zoom 101
  • How to Adapt your Fundraising Strategy
  • Managing a Virtual Team
  • Spring 2020 Fundraising Update

It was a special treat to see so many familiar faces during these events. If you didn’t have the chance to join us in person, why not take a night off of Netflix and settle into four cumulative actionable hours of strategy help? You can now go back and watch them at your convenience to get new ideas and tips for fundraising and supporter engagement in this new context.

“I really found your webinar valuable and the more I see of what others are struggling with in this new virtual meeting space, the more I appreciate the straightforward, clear and cogent recommendations you made – I think everyone needs to learn from you!” -Abby J. Leibman, MAZON

Roll tape

Looking for something else? Drop us a line at, and we’ll grab some time to chat.

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