Megan Sorenson

Senior Strategist

Megan Sorenson is a dedicated fundraiser and grant writer as well as a seasoned marketing and communications professional. She began her career in the marketing division of a major book publishing company because she believes in the power of storytelling. Megan applies her skills and nearly fifteen years of experience working with arts and cultural organizations in the nonprofit sector to share stories of philanthropic impact and opportunity.

She is frequently teased for her many lists, yet her penchant for meticulous project management is paired with a creative approach to content and audience strategy. Never having outgrown the need to ask “Why?” Megan designs strategies that derive from a place of authenticity and intentionality. She is most satisfied when she can help amplify causes that make the world better or give voice to individuals who deserve to be heroes but are, too often, unsung.

Megan enjoys drinking dry Portuguese wines, traveling and then putting a pin in the world map that hangs in her western New York home office (near Buffalo but with 20” more snow annually, on average), and discovering new ways to make her baby girl belly laugh along with her husband.