Digital marketing + fundraising from good to greater.


We’ve pressed years of experience with our fantastic clients into service.

Then we packed the ideas and processes up into these handful of offerings. Take a look; then get in touch to kick off a collaboration.

Scaling for Good: Strategy and Implementation

You need to scale – this could mean building a new campaign from the ground up or a shot of new energy for a program that is tired. Team Greater Good will do a needs assessment on what’s working and what needs to be adjusted; then we’ll develop and implement an omnichannel strategy and a series of clear calls to action.

We’ll press best practices into service, leverage the power of influencers and co-sponsorships without forgetting about tried-and-true social media, web, and email channels while we do it. Then, we’ll keep an eye on the progress by measuring the impact of the strategy and pivot when necessary.

This engagement usually lasts six months or more.

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Strategy Sprint

You’re in need of a creative and effective digital marketing strategy. We’re ready to build you one!

We’ll help you think through which audiences to target and the messages that will resonate most with each. Then, we’ll turn that audience mapping and messaging work into a series of tactics to help you meet your goals. We’ll package it up and then turn the whole thing over to your team to implement (complete with guidelines on how to measure success and training on the best practices for each tactic). We build the strategy; you’ll bring it to life.

This engagement lasts two to three months.

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Good to Greatest Implementation

If you have an online marketing strategy and are looking for “hands on keyboard” support to implement it… we have a swell team of seasoned digital marketing professionals ready to turn your big-picture strategies into engaging content. We’ll spend the time interacting with your followers and producing new content so you can focus on repairing the world. Snappy graphics, peppy email copy, even regular reports with just the numbers you need to know your strategy is working—we’re on it.

This is an ongoing engagement. We need a few months to get everything running in top shape (that’s what we mean by “greatest”), so we suggest three months or more for these types of projects.

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Fundraising for Good

Basically, we can’t wait to build you a content calendar and use best practices to help you grow your list, reach new donors and bring more money in online. Greater Good Strategy is known for creating sustaining gift campaigns that really work, designing end-of-year fundraising campaigns that are shockingly less stressful than last year’s, and putting a whole bunch of systems in place to ensure your online fundraising board presentation is met with a round of applause.

Fundraising for good is some of our favorite work… and it takes time. This is an ongoing engagement with a minimum of three months for us to kick things off and put systems in to achieve fundraising nirvana.

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Get to Great Fundraising Check-up

If you’ve done the obvious online fundraising things and are still not getting results, we’re here to help. Let us take a close look at what’s working and what’s not and then help you bring in the dollars to serve your mission. We’ll A/B test with the best of ‘em, make sure your segmentation is perfect and optimize your forms so donors can complete them with ease.

Check-ups usually take 6 weeks.

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Strategy Reboot

Our consultants will join you in reexamining your immediate needs, year-end goals, and existing plans with this package. Then we’ll help you build a new digital marketing or online fundraising strategy to better resonate within the current COVID-19 environment.

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Strategy Boost

This one-hour strategy session is designed to help you tackle the greatest online marketing or fundraising obstacle your organization is currently facing. Popular topics include monthly donors, list and follower growth, social media advertising, fundraising strategy, board expectations, and staffing.

Strategy Boosts are perfect for cracking the code on one specific challenge or initiative where creative energy and expert guidance is needed.

Cost: $400

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