Organizing the Organizers

NCJW advances social change through a faith-based Jewish lens, bringing together activists across generations and across the country.


National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) has partnered with us since 2019 to expand and refine their marketing, fundraising, and communications strategy, as well as conduct ongoing implementation.


We did our homework and created a team of experts to fit directly into the NCJW workflow, keeping things moving quickly and efficiently.


Our work with NCJW is a perfect example of the custom, hands-on ways we can work with an organization.

Just One of the Team

We provided strategic direction and hands-on-keyboard digital marketing implementation, intentionally aligning messages and content with platform and audience, marketing a refreshed annual conference.

Strengthening the Foundation

We conducted audience research, language and messaging development, campaign-building, robust email fundraising, and growth-focused organic social media.

Fortifying the Team

We designed new marketing and communications staff roles to set the department up for future success.
“What’s unique about GGS is that everything they work on is because their heart is truly in it. They always hold the big picture goals of the work at the center. I was blown away at how quickly my GGS strategist was able to capture my voice and reach potential donors and existing donors with the most beautiful messages.”
MBB Team