By Women, For Women

TueNight* is an online community where women over 40 come together to share real stories.


TueNight* needed support with a two-week campaign focused on amplifying stories from Gen X women about ageism and pay inequity in the workplace. Their goal was 200,000 impressions, and a lot of women inspired to share their own stories.


We designed a strategy that would meet Gen X women where they are on multiple platforms and through a spectrum of mediums, focused on stimulating conversation between women online.



Authenticity Matters

We elevated existing TueNight* contributors and audiences to share their own stories online and during a live event.

Ambassadors Over Influencers

We focused on bringing people into the work who had a real connection to the campaign. A partnership between TueNight* and Disrupt Aging also engendered trust and credibility.

Use the Right Platforms

Engagement and commenting were strongest within the ambassador posts and TueNight* social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok.

Trust the Experts

Based on the level of sharing and personal stories, it’s clear the content resonated with Gen X women who were enthusiastic about sharing their own, highly-personal stories.
"I was surprised that Greater Good Strategy was able to so quickly target the Gen X audience. Our cost per click was well below the industry average, too. What's better than that?"
Margit Detweiler   — TueNight*