Branding a Multi-Generational Movement

Dayenu organizes American Jews to confront the climate crisis with spiritual audacity and bold political action.


To best leverage their launch, Dayenu turned to us to build their visual identity, website, and brand narrative.


Creating a brand identity for a broad coalition of American Jews across three age cohorts meant rooting our creativity in Dayenu's bold spirit, audacious dreams, and tireless dedication to building a better world.


We balanced a fast-paced project with ensuring that all stakeholders were heard, ultimately crafting a brand and content strategy — including a logo inspired by their inclusive work and a website that is accessible to their full audience — that is pushing back against the devastation of climate change through Jewish values, experience, and spirit.
“Flattering quote from the client that highlights a big impact. This is also an opportunity to reinforce our ethos, personality, humanity.”
Person’s Name, Polaris